You won't find men in white coats and high tech equipment with machines going 'Bing', but more of a barefoot roasters atmosphere where the locals and travellers all gather to enjoy great coffee at prices that will take you back in time. Raglan Roast was started with an old coffee machine at the back of our kite surfing shop because we wanted our coffee great and fast and affordable.


Over the last 16 years we have grown from those humble beginnings and are now working with the best coffee brewing and grinding equipment available to produce the best coffee we can. We roast daily to ensure we are serving and selling the coffee fresh and at its very best. Fresh coffee is served daily at our 8 locations and you can enjoy Raglan Roast coffee at home with overnight delivery nationwide.


The staff


Wellington Store

While studying fashion at Massey and making amazing clothing Alanah bangs great coffee and makes Gelato to die for.


Wellington Store

Seriously talented Barista about to become a Baroaster and seen around all 3 Wellington locations, service with a smile while serving 8 customers a sight to behold!


Raglan Store

Was there at the start and still paddling the harbour daily to roast and pull shots between tours of the Provinces scouting and scheming Raglanroast’s next foray.


Raglan Store

Been around from the start and mostly seen out in the woods at Te Uku in the afternoons refining the art of the Baroaster, then comes to town to spin discs and light up the Raglan night scene with his bent on D&B


Raglan Store

If you need a genuine hand made sword or knife Marten is your man and can be found at his forge daily with guest appearances at the Raglanroast pumps.


Raglan Store

The early morning guy in the Lane and then around to his store in Electric Ave framing up local art and his amazing photos of the surf and Raglan area.


Raglan Store

Grew up in Chile before making Raglan home Jako is usually seen at 6am at Te Uku making coffee and roasting, then off surfing every chance he gets.

Trade Aid

We are proud supporters of Trade Aid's "Next Generation Fund" and are very conscious of the volatility of world coffee prices and the sustainability of both the farmers lives and their crops to ensure we can all continue to enjoy fine Arabica coffee, www.tradeaid.org.nz