How to manage your subscription.

Not only does it take just a few clicks to set up, we've also made the subscription service super easy to manage from your account. 
Don't worry, we're not here to tie you down to any fixed terms or schedule, your subscription is flexible to change as your consumption does. Whether you need to pause because you're off to the bach, or you've busy week and need an extra dose, jump into your subscription manager and change away. 

Check out this handy FAQ, or email us if you need any guidance and we would be happy help you out. 




Firstly you'll need to head along to your account, click the icon in the top right corner next to your cart. Once you're in click the 'Manage Subscription' button at the top of the page

No, as you can create as many subscriptions as you like from one single account, therefore creating a new subscription will not cancel or replace an existing one.
This is so you can have orders heading to multiple addresses (like work and home, or to you and your mum) all from the same account. Best to either edit your current subscription or cancel to create a new one if need be

You can add extra units of the same product to your subscription, however if you want to add a new product send us an email and we can do this for you.
To and or remove units of product, head along to your Manage Subscription page, click the ‘Products In My Subscription’ drop down and select ‘edit’. Change the qty as needed and save.
You can also set up multiple subscriptions under your same account.

Easy! Jump into your Manage Subscription page and click the ‘Products In My Subscription’ drop down. Click ‘Swap Product’ and choose your new brew, bag size and grind from the menu and click ‘Select Product’ to confirm.

In your Manage Subscription page you will see a summary of your subscription. If you would like to change the date of your next order, select ‘edit future order’ next to where it shows when the next order is due. Choose the date you wish and if you would like to update all future orders to follow based on this date.

There is a handy ‘Order Now’ button in your Manage Subscription page, select this to create an order within the hour with all products in your subscription, and will automatically move your next order date. Ensure you click this before 2pm for same day dispatch (Mon-Fri)


Let us know as soon as you notice that something is wrong, hopefully we can catch it before its dispatched.
We cannot offer returns or refunds on fresh product, however if its a mistake on our part we will send you a replacement ASAP.


If you move home, or even if you’re heading to the bach for a few weeks you can change where you want us to ship your order. Once in your Manage Subscription page, in the dropdown section click ‘Address and shipping information’ and select ‘Edit’. Change your address and select ‘Save Changes’

For sure! You can have multiple subscriptions to different addresses in your account, this way you can get a delivery to home and work, or yourself and your mum! Just make sure you set these up as two different subscriptions with the correct addresses. Manage them from your 'Manage Subscription' page.


Jump into your Manage Subscription page and click the ‘Payment information’ from the drop down menu. This will send you a secure email to change your payment details. Please note we unfortunately cannot change your payment provider (i.e from Paypal to Credit Card) To do this you will need to create a new subscription

You will have received an automated email letting you know that your payment failed. Not to worry, your subscription is still active and waiting for you, just ensure that there is money in the linked payment method. If you need to update your payment details, follow above.
The subscription system will attempt to charge your account in another 24 hours, unfortunately we cant speed this up!