At a bargain price with a free bag of Raglan Roast coffee, this ones a sweet deal to get you started with your own brew gear at home.
Part of Bodum’s iconic French press brewing range, the Caffetiera combines simplicity of brewing with purity of taste for the perfect cup of joe, every time. 

It has a reusable stainless steel filter that extracts all the oils from your precious beans while leaving the least amount of sediment in your cup.
The carafe is made of non-stain, heat-resistant borosilicate glass that won’t alter or impair the coffee’s natural flavour.
The chrome-plated stainless steel frame protects the glass carafe, while the plastic lid and handle offer safe and comfortable handling
Easy to use and easy to clean

  • Each plunger comes with:
  • 200g complementary bag of Raglan Roast coffee ground for plunger
  • *Note available in assorted colours of blue, beige and teal.
  • Please choose your preferred colour at checkout and we will do our best to match based on availability

3 CUP - 0.35 l / 12 oz
8 CUP - 1 l / 34 o
Tax included.



Few things are worse than waking up and realising you’re out of coffee.

With our new subscription service, it only takes a few minutes to set up a regular order of your favourite Raglan Roast blend, delivered to your door ready to brew when you need it. You never have to think about it again