Price Change - 2nd August 2021

For 18 years we’ve been roasting, toasting and dosing Raglan's finest at the same price you pay today. However we've been quietly bean counting behind the scenes and have set new prices to change from Monday August 2nd. Pricing as below: 

Raglan Roast price change 2021 coffee and beans image

Why are you increasing your prices?

We’ve kept our pricing essentially the same since day dot, this means the price change is a measly 0.03% increase per year. Not bad considering some pretty major price hikes in our supply chain and all the components that go into brewing the good stuff. Raglan Roast is still designed to offer mates rates to all with the way we price or coffee, shopping with us means you're not paying for an advertising/marketing spend, pretty packaging or fancy fit-outs, just what it takes us to roast and brew the good stuff and still make a buck.

Why have you made all blends the same price?

We wanted to keep things simple and set standard pricing for all of our current coffee blends. Sure, this might mean less profit on our Daganic blend, but keeps it nice and simple. This will also give us room to play with some exciting new blends, so keep your eyes peeled for some tasty new brew options in the near future.

You previously offered free shipping on all orders, why are you introducing a free ship minimum?

We’ve been shouting the shipping on all orders, but it's starting to leave a bitter taste as some smaller orders are now beginning to actually cost us. As you will notice, our 200g bags have only gone up 10c in price online, so this doesn’t help cover costs. Our courier costs have risen in the past few years and this affects our margin dramatically. A $20 min spend helps us to have enough margin in the product to keep some pocket-change.

I order a small 200g bag in a subscription each week/fortnight, but I don’t guzzle enough to meet the free shipping minimum, help!

We hear you, it’s always best to order smaller amounts ‘cos fresh is best, however we send out from our roastery only a couple of days after roasting so your goods will be tasting their best for up to 3 weeks past the order date.
Get in touch via email if you need help adjusting your orders or subscriptions to best suit your needs, our team will work out the nitty gritty. 

How can I change my subscription?

Firstly login to your account here (or by clicking the icon in the top right corner of our website) and select ‘Manage Subscription’ 
Here you can edit the product, frequency and ship dates and more! Easy as. 

I order your coffee capsules/pods, are the prices going up for these too?

Good news, nope! Our coffee capsules for Nespresso style machines remain at $10 for a 10-pack (or $1 per pod)

What's changed that makes our daily dose in store cost more?

In the same way that the cost of roasting our beans has increased, the cost of brewing each cup in store has risen even more.
Think wages, raw ingredients, property pricing/rates and more! We want to ensure our staff are paid a fair wage and that we are raising the bar with every dose and pour.

Ok so my coffee is going up 50c a cup, how can I still save?

Do the planet and your pocket a solid and BYO cup, or better yet sit in and enjoy it with us! This will save you 50c each time. Jump in the book, because why should our mates be the only ones that get the deals right?

Put down $20 in advance and get 5-7 coffees depending on what you drink.

Why are we losing a coffee in the book?

The book is an epic loyalty system, you can save significantly on each cup and don't have to muck around with a payment each time.
As we increase our standard coffee prices the book also has to shift, with alternative milks are other components becoming increasingly popular we need to change the book count for us to make anything out of the deal.