VBM Domobar Junior Digital

Vibiemme has been producing some of the worlds highest quality espresso machines in Italy since 1979. The Domobar Junior is no exception, this small but mighty machine embodies the image of style, quality and reliability of strictly made in Italy design to fit nicely in your own home.

From the entry-level to the top end, all the machines in this line have an E61 group head, so you can enjoy coffee at home just as you would in your favourite local coffee shop.

In New Zealand every new VBM comes with a second set of magnetic side panels (colour of your choice to compliment the factory stainless panels, contact team for available colours)

Dimensions 250mm (W) x 420mm (H) x 430mm (D)
Boiler Volume 1.1 litres

1600 watts -  controlled by a solid state relay

Water Tank Volume 2.8 litres
Colour Stainless Steel / Black
Features VBM - E61 grouphead in chromed-brass, with mechanical pre-infusion chamber and manual controls (lever)
 Pump Vibration
  Solid State relay controlling element.
  Water reservoir cut-off sensor.
  Incredible thermal stability shot after shot.
Tax included.



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