New packaging is on its way. 

Finding the perfect packaging solution is no easy feat, like trying to catch smoke or chase a mirage, the ultimate solution is always out of reach. Here at Raglan Roast we’re on a mission to keep improving what we do on the daily, one bean, bag and cup at a time.

In 2021 we moved from a composite packaging made from both plastic and paper, neither recyclable nor compostable, to a full plastic bag which was recyclable through the soft plastics recycling scheme. It was durable and did a mighty job of keeping your coffee fresher for longer.

According to this 2023 study an estimated 260,000 tonnes of soft plastic packaging is consumed in New Zealand annually – and only 17% is collected for recycling across all resin types. So it's safe to say that many empty Raglan Roast coffee bags were ending up in our landfill. The more we dug, the more we were consumed by the realities in production and post consumer waste habits, navigating the smoke in mirrors at each turn.

Late last year we made the bold decision to improve our packaging again, moving on the production and testing of new paper-based coffee bags. We always looked at the oats, flour and other grains in paper packaging on the shelves and thought, why not coffee? We’re not the only ones, several other iconic Kiwi and Australian coffee companies have already made the shift to paper.

We thought we had finally nailed it and secured a curbside recyclable packaging option, but sadly with the most recent changes to recycling regulations in New Zealand, our new bags won’t be accepted in curbside recycling anymore and they’ll need to go in the bin. Bummer!

In saying this, we’re still pumped to say that our bags are 85% less plastic and the rest is a more sustainable paper. We’re also moving to shipping all orders in cardboard cartons to keep your coffee safe on its journey to your doorstep, these are made from at least 75% recycled board and are FSC certified with a closed loop production facility, right from the trees to the recycling. You can be put them right into your curbside recycling or better yet, reuse them few times to store bits and bobs before they’re added back into pulp.

Here at Raglan Roast our team hustles to get quality coffee out to you at peak freshness. We go to great lengths to source and roast quality coffee, to ensure it reaches you in tip-top shape and freshness is a must. We think this is our best solution, until innovation steers us away from plastic into a new barrier liner that is crucial for maintaining freshness, and/or our local recycling processing and technology catch up.

  • So what exactly are they made of?
    85% paper with a thin plastic lining, just enough to keep the coffee fresh and ensure it can be heat sealed closed.

  • Are they recyclable?
    Sadly not here in NZ, that was our goal, but with the latest changes to our local recycling regulations, for now they need to go in the bin. 

  • Are they compostable?
    No, we’ve trialed and tested many compostable options out there, but they don’t manage to tick any of the essential boxes. Compostable packaging has its woes too; most people don’t compost, they aren’t accepted in most public compost collections, they’re fragile and can break down in storage, plus they don’t do a great job of keeping the coffee fresh and dry. So yes they break down, but maybe before they've even make it home to your place!

  • Can we still reseal them?
    Zip closures, tin ties and any other re-sealing mechanisms are made of plastic, so in reducing our plastic content we’ve gotten rid of all of these. Clip it, pin it, tuck it, stick it down, whatever works to keep the air out.

  • How should we store our coffee?
    Keep it dry, cool and airtight are the key factors. So clip your bag shut once opened, or better yet, transfer it to an airtight container. People think it's better in the fridge or freezer, but this is actually worse as it invites moisture in. So just keep it somewhere cool, not in the cooler.



New packaging - now with 85% less plastic!

Finding the perfect packaging solution is no easy feat, like trying to catch smoke or chase a mirage, the ultimate solution is always out of reach.



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